A game suited for 2-4 players but stir up the crowd and invite your friends to gather round the sandy tables. It’s a pretty simple one; players push their weights into the scoring areas at the other end of the table without them falling off. The aim of the game is to outscore your opponent. Shuffle on!

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Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm £10 per hour

Group Size:

Minimum 2 people Maximum 8 people


Friday & Saturday 6pm to 2am £25 per hour

Group Size:

Minimum 6 people Maximum 8 people


All other times £15 per hour

Group Size:

Minimum 2 people Maximum 8 people



Want to polish up on the rules before you arrive?


  • Play rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first.

  • Players slide their four weights from the same end alternately, attempting to get them
    as near as possible to the end of the board without falling off.

  • The weight must pass the foul line and not drop off the end of the table to count.

  • Players can deliberately knock already played weights out of play.

  • Once all weights have been pushed down the table, add up the points - only the weights
    of the winning player, that are in front of the opponent’s weights count.

  • A weight that lands on or touching a line, counts as being in the lower scoring area.

  • A weight that half hangs off the end of the table is called a ‘hanger’ and you receive
    a bonus point for this.

  • For a two-player game the winner is the first to 15 points, for doubles, it’s 21.