The Clubhouse

Welcome to the Clubhouse!


An inclusive and exclusive social space that offers everything you need to keep the party going all day and all night.


Whether you want to indulge in one of our tasty menus, kick back with a drink and watch the match, have a flutter on one of our casinos tables or top the leader board of one of our social games – we’ve got it all!


Online bookings: Book now for Darts, Shuffleboard or American Pool.


Walk ins: Our games are available to play, for group sizes of six daily, on a first come first served basis, and during peak hours there may be a wait.


Come on down, enjoy a drink or three at the bar... the time will fly.


Shuffleboard American Pool eDarts Fussball


£10 per hour £6 per hour £10 per hour 50p per play


£15/£25 per hour £8/£10 per hour £15/£25 per hour 50p/50p per play